The 5 Best Gift ideas for New Mothers

Until I became a parent, I was often confused about what to give to a mom or family when they had a second (or third or fourth!) Child. The first children are easy to buy; There are bathrooms and logs, and parents often start from scratch, increasing the chances of giving a gift that truly satisfies a need. But the second time around, giving gifts becomes a little more difficult. What could I offer that would be really appreciated?

With my second child on the way, I have thought about it a lot. I also reached out to many other moms to find out what was helpful after bringing the second baby home. Between my wish list and their thoughts, here are some gifts that can delight (and most importantly, really help) parents bring home a second child!

Self-care tips
The weeks and months after a new baby is born are a whirlwind, and moms (and fathers) often have a hard time stopping and taking care of themselves. So, think of something nice for the parents. It could be a mom’s massage before or after giving birth, delicious treatments (alcohol, coffee, ice cream, chocolate), or whatever you think is special to you. One day one mother suggested: “Something nice or comfortable for the mother to wear, like a scarf, slippers or bathrobe.”

Babysitting with older children
Whether it’s before the baby is born or after the baby arrives, schedule other babies to watch. It was going to be a pre-baby night, a big “baby” night. After the baby is born, spending a Saturday morning picking up the oldest baby will give the new parents some time to focus on the baby. Even just an hour or two can be very helpful.

Clean car
This time it’s high on my wish list this time around. My car, mostly thanks to my baby, crashes and my chubby stomach hurts picking up a variety of long-lost golden crackers and empty cups chasing her mats. It’s so disgusting that it hurts to think about putting a cute baby in there.

Gift cards
Do not assume that the second or third time parents are provided with baby supplies. Our crib mattress is now in a baby’s crib and some things (my diaper bag, for example) didn’t survive the first baby. Other things have been borrowed and are now being returned.

Food, food and more food
With a baby in the house, it’s easy to get dinner through until 6pm. The baby collapses from a crutch and the mom is trapped underneath a baby dreaming of a hamburger.

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So, whether or not you come with a gift on hand, be sure to check if your friends have new children. This might be the best gift ever.


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