9 Toys & Gifts for 3-Year Old Girls

Finding the best toys and gifts for a 3-year-old girl really means knowing them and their growing personality.

At the age of three, the girl is a confident, playful and sometimes independent girl. They learn to be self-reliant by washing their hands and getting dressed every morning.

Children of this age have strong likes and dislikes. As such, many “baby toys” are pink and purple and focus on home activities, but may not be all little girl tea. A great way to choose best gifts is to talk and chat with 3 year baby to determine what kind of things they are most attractive and least attractive-their favorites may surprise them. Maybe!

Tony Box Starter Set

Designed for kids, one of the first growing trends in audio players, the Tony Box is a flexible, foldable cube without the complex mess of cables and controls. Combine hours of stories and songs with Tony’s figures directly from his children’s audio library. He can sing along with his favorite Disney songs such as Lion King and Frozen. Each mini figure contains up to 90 minutes of personalized messages, songs and stories.

Pet Alive Poppy Pug Shake Loot

This pug dances, twirls, and shakes his ass as if it couldn’t be cute. This is definitely in line with your 3-year-old energy. The robot pet also offers three fun tracks that rotate 360 ??° in the air.

Extra Barbie

Part of a new collection of fun and colorful, this Barbie Extra Doll shows off her unique style through fashion and attitude. She will love its bright colors, matching animals and interchangeable outfits.

Playset for the farm world

Load lots of fruits and vegetables on the SunnyDay mobile farm stand. Includes a cart full of two characters, a horse and food, so kids can create their own play sequence.

Rainbow FunPlayPebbles Activity Pack

Mathematics and art are closely related to the Rainbow Pebbles playset. Children can copy timesheets, create their own 3D designs, and respond to creative thoughts while learning colors, shapes, counting, patterns, and more.

Doodle bear

This plush toy is a revisited version of the original 90’s. Comes with 3 washable markers (the bear itself is machine washable) so a 3-year-old kid can draw fun shapes and patterns. Download the Doodle Bear Studio app on your child’s tablet and your child will be able to take pictures and watch the bear come back to life with stickers and voice recordings. There are two styles, fashion (pictured) and chef.

Great stability with a house

Part of the Schleich Riding Club, this set sets the scene perfectly in elaborate homes and stables. Our experts were impressed with how well it was built. It’s plastic, but it’s sturdy and not cheap. Also, all the figures are completely hand-painted and parts of the house move, so your child can customize them to their liking.

Colorado board game

This fun board game helps kids develop basic color and shape skills. She needs to roll the dice and instruct her to find a matching piece and place it on the board. The game ends when each piece is placed and all color shapes are displayed.

Ariel Music & Light Vanity

If your little princess is obsessed with all of Disney, she will love this clamshell toilet set that lights up and plays the famous Little Mermaid song “Under the Sea”. When he opens the vanity, Sebastian gets up and looks back. The set includes 15 different styling and beauty tools (which can be stored in the makeup drawer) so she can pretend to be making up!


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